Happy 6th Birthday to Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie!

Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie: Stages - Engaged: Glitter Hearts

This post is *so* long overdue!  This blog turned six years old back in March!  So yes, it has been six years! 6 amazing years in which I have learned so much yet in some ways still feel so clueless!  God has blessed me with some understanding which has definitely been from him.  Yet there is still so much to learn.  If anything, I am even more hungry for relationship knowledge and wisdom now than I was six years ago, which is why I feel so frustrated that I have not recently been able to invest the time and effort that I would wish into writing this blog and thinking through these ideas.

And as for the incredible husband and dreams of marriage – man I so want it!  In recent times I have partially managed to put myself off by admitting a few “realistic” thoughts about marriage and husbands.  But then, I think to myself that my God is all-powerful, so I don’t have to be “realistic”.  In this I am only half joking! You go ahead and be “realistic”, if you want! My marriage is going to be outstanding!  But then I’m reminded that women who are extremely ambitious for their marriages have to be equally prayerful, so on that note I will end this post here and go off to spend some quality time with the one Person who truly can make all this happen!!! 🙂

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