Friendships/People: Super Spontaneous!

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These thoughts are literally just occurring to me now, when I’m supposed to be doing other things!
Thoughts that occurred to me: 
1. The “Friendship” blog should actually have two distinct categories:  “Friends” for dealing with people who are actually friends, and “People” for dealing with everyone else!  Because that is an accurate representation of what is happening in my mind; that I am trying to work out how best to deal with everyone that I have to interact with, even where we might not get along, AND I’m also thinking about how to best handle my actual friendships
2.  Secondly, this blog is actually more important than Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie! Finding Mr  Huggie-Wuggie is all about my relationship with just one person – admittedly a very important person! Also everyone I might like romantically, everyone who might like me.  However, this other blog will concern my relationships with everyone I have to interact with on a regular basis!  (Also, I’m a bit reluctant to raise the fact that the “Huggie-Wuggie” thing might actually never happen, no matter how much I want it…but that is clearly also an issue.  However, non-romantically, I will definitely have to interact with many people, all the time – there is no escaping that!)
3.  In my life thus far, I have not adequately created a distinction between “friends” and “people I have to interact with regularly”.  So in practice, if someone could not be my good friend, I would usually cut them out of my life altogether – with the exception of Facebook friends. Now I of course see that I have to have a separate category for people I interact with, and I have to have a way of interacting graciously with them, even if I could never really be close friends with them.
4.  I have now been expressing “friendship” thoughts for less than a week, and yet I am already learning things!  Seriously, writing a blog is so good for getting your thoughts in order and knowing how to think and what to focus on!  I would highly recommend doing this to everyone, even if you never share your blogging with anyone else  🙂

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