Brand new project: CLASSICALIS

I know I’ve been quite quiet on this blog of late. All the same, I have been working away if not directly on here. I am so happy to introduce my latest project, Classicalis.

Check it out here!

So yes, Classicalis is my latest passion project. However, “Huggie-Wuggie” remains my first love, you could say (alongside Tosin’s Bible Blog, which has been even more neglected!) Long-term, I really hope to be able to invest serious time into both Huggie-Wuggie and Tosin’s Bible Blog, but alongside Classicalis it might take me a few months to get into a good rhythm for that. As an entrepreneur, time is such a precious resource – actually that is true for anybody, but over these last few lockdown weeks I have really been forced to face up to the fact that there are only so many projects I can easily juggle by myself at once. I’m still puzzling/praying to find an amazing solution/magic bullet to this conundrum, because frankly, there are so many amazing projects I still have in mind to launch!!!

I hope you’ve all been well, and please continue to stay safe. Tosin 🙂

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