Happy 9th Birthday to this Blog!


So it was the 9th birthday of this blog last month, but I could not log in because I was locked out….and I also kinda forgot! This is like when a spouse forgets their anniversary – ha ha ha!!! Actually technically speaking it was in February 2011 that I first started pulling together some thoughts but I’ve decided to celebrate it in March, and now we’re in April!

What an amazing journey it has been! I am so grateful for everything I have learned. Part of me wants to say: “Lord please now bring the man so I can apply all these lessons.” That really would be the sensible thing to say; as you can imagine 9 years later I’m not growing any younger. But another part of me also recognises that I am only now starting to actually enjoy my singleness. I am only now starting to have the financial and time freedom to just relax, enjoy life, meet up with friends for coffee or dinner, have freedom to spend on a few modest luxuries rather than absolute needs. I now also have a little time to work on my various businesses which is *lovely*!

To have to concede all this freedom so soon after acquiring it would be… somewhat challenging. All the same though, I am trying to be sensible, and I am also trying to be optimistic that there is actually someone utterly amazing out there perhaps thinking the exact same things as I am, eager to meet someone but perhaps not so eager to give up all the freedoms of singleness. We could discuss how to make it work…

I now also have a little extra time to pray too that I would actually meet this man so I have been doing that. However, as we are still mid-lockdown a bigger priority at this point is to break this virus (through prayer) so that life can hopefully return to some semblance of normality. Once that is done then I do hope and plan to implement a serious prayer regime, not just for HW but for a number of things.

A few more feminist thoughts have also been occurring to me – I hope to share those in due course too! Once again thank you for reading, and I hope that the 10th anniversary of this blog this time next year will see us celebrating in the world that we are more used to, rather than this coronavirus nightmare.

Please all remember to stay safe, and God bless. Tosin 🙂

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