I waited for you!

I have not yet written this week’s Huggie-Wuggie post. However I would love to share with you this video, which features the Passion for Christ Movement poet Janette, exchanging wedding vows with her groom Matt. A few months ago here on Huggie-Wuggie I shared the poem that she performed about waiting for the right man, so now these are the wedding vows when her Mr Right has shown up, and they are getting married!

BIG DISCLAIMER: As I share this video, I have not actually watched it myself yet, due to reasons a little bit beyond my control (Virgin Media, I’m looking at you!)  However so very many people have shared it on Facebook, exclaiming about how powerful the vows are.  This includes committed Christians, as well as people from more ambiguous faith backgrounds. The video has also generated a huge list of very very positive comments on Youtube itself. So I am confident that it is truly as fantastic as people say!


Photo of heart-shaped apple by RonyMichaud on Pixabay

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