Internet Dating: Postscript

I initially published this post back in 2012, then I unpublished it, for reasons which I have now completely forgotten…

A few further thoughts on internet dating:
Something else that makes me uncomfortable about internet dating is the thought of people organising it as a money-making business.  To me, it just somehow feels wrong. There is a particular Christian site which seems to try to use and exploit Christian concepts to sell its services.  “Find your “Good News” story here!”  “Find your “Eternal partner””. (Actually, this is Biblically incorrect – for Christians, marriage starts and ends here on earth. Matthew 22v30)
Another site asks “Are you ready for love, outside of the Lord” – What?!!!

Seriously, the fact that supposed Christians would manipulate Christian concepts in this way to sell any money-making service makes me feel so icky that it makes me want to throw up.  In fact, I am sure that in many cases the owners of these sites are not Christians at all, but merely maintain Christian sites as aspects of their “portfolio”, possibly along with sites that promote extra-marital adultery or sugar-daddy hookups.

On the plus side, I was thinking that internet dating could be useful if it was not dating as such, but if there was a way of using it to meet lots of people and then finding a way to integrate them into my life to get to know them without any romantic overtones. (The idea of silent or unspoken expectations or questions makes me feel so uncomfortable.) Then after you have gotten to know them, then you could perhaps evaluate who you would actually like to consider romantically/maritally.

There was another point that occurred to me, but I cannot think of it right now….hmm! 😉

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