Merry Christmas, and please help with this new blog idea!

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I would really like to wish all the readers of “Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie” an amazing Christmas season, or what remains of it.  I hope that you have all had a lovely day, and wishing you all the best for a wonderful New Year in 2018!

Well today is still Christmas Day as I write this, and I was kinda determined to post something today! This post is kinda Christmassy, in a tangential way…
I’ve been thinking of creating a new totally new blog for some time now.  Actually, a couple of new blogs.  One will be about friendship – literally friendship, not romantic friendship, just friendship and everything included under that – and it will probably touch on navigating friendships with potential romantic partners.  That is quite straightforward for me to write though, I guess I’ve been procrastinating, or my mind has been preoccupied with my existing blogs and other things which is why I still have not launched it yet.

But it is this second idea that I do not know how to start. I have a big heart for social justice.  God has blessed me with a huge heart of empathy for human suffering. So this second blog would be about social justice. I have been thinking of/meaning to write this blog for absolute years.  But here is the difficulty.  I really do not know which angle to pursue on this blog.  I’m quite sure that I want to cover as many areas included under social justice/general suffering as possible (although my main areas of concern are homelessness, street children around the world, sanitation and exploitative labour/sweatshops.)  But how to explore each topic though?  On this blog, Huggie-Wuggie I write largely about my own thought and my personal experiences.  I just don’t know whether a personal angle will be as relevant on such a blog though. There are some things I cannot possibly have had any personal experience of. Hmm.  Perhaps it could be good news stories.  It is always so easy to focus on negativity.  Or maybe it could be what people could do.  I’m racking my brains as I write this (and because I am a  pedant concerning grammar I would like to point out that I actually googled it and “racking” is the correct spelling for that word, rather than “wracking” – but erm, yeah!)  I’m kinda excited because I have literally been trying to think through this for years!

So here is how you could help!  If you can think of a good angle that I can use to explore these topics, then please do comment below. To be honest, even as I have been typing this I think that I have come up with the angle I want to pursue: that is:  here is the problem, here is what we can do.  But all the same please contribute your ideas here. (Yeah, I just started that sentence with a “but” – and it is staying!  Now I am on the lookout for all my grammatical mistakes! And I split my infinitives with a vengeance – that is staying too!  Perhaps I am not so pedantic after all!!!)  What would be great would be for people to contribute ideas or topics that they would like me to talk about. If you have heard of anyone doing great work in any particular area, then please let me know in the comments on this post, and on the actual blog itself when it gets published. I am setting myself the challenge of getting it launched before the end of 2017.  I could certainly do it within the next few days.

Also please please please contribute your comments to the posts on this blog generally!  I know I don’t ask for them very often. Sometimes, or often, I guess the topic or my handling of it does not really invite comments.  I do have the tendency offline as well as online of expressing myself as if my opinion is the definitive answer to any topic, which I guess does not invite people to comment.  But please do comment anyway.  I promise that I will not be offended if you disagree with me!  🙂


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