Rethinking this two year thing!

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Well you know this weekend I could so have written two substantial Huggie-Wuggie posts – at least!  But you know what I did yesterday (Saturday)?  Absolutely nothing other than to refuse to get out of bed. Oh my, it was so warm, so snug and so cosy.  I kept thinking “Huggie-Wuggie….must…write…a…post”  But nup!  It just was not going to happen. 

But yes, in all candour I am seriously rethinking this two year thing. In my earlier post I wrote today  I kinda snuck it right at the bottom. But then I thought that that might possibly be a little bit cowardly, and I should step up and admit the thing – you know?! Well I’ve been living by this two-year mantra for a long time, that it officially takes two years to get to know someone.  So I want to get to know someone for two full years to get to know someone before considering someone romantically.  And man, I’ve been stubbornly bent on that. But then recently, I myself have been thinking “Man, two years is a long time!”  And I myself have happily been getting to know people in a very natural way, smiling my “I’d like to get to know you” smile – in short, guess who has been behaving as if she has never heard of the two year idea?!  Me, that’s who!  And then I thought, well what if there is someone out there who might be interested but is trying to respect my wishes and two years just seems two long?!  And then also I was thinking through the ideas I shared on my previous post. And that introduces the possibility of investing yet more time into this thing.  Seriously?!  Even I’m getting frustrated.

So what am I saying?!  I’m saying that I’m open to negotiation. I’m not in any way “married” to any of the ideas on this blog. I believe that they are good ideas, but if in practice they just don’t work or if there is something that would be better, or perhaps I just need to trust God and act in faith. What I’m going to say next is way too much information, but that is very characteristic of this blog. Candidly speaking I am fed up of pouring out my heart to a blog and I want to pour out my heart to an actual flesh and blood person!  To even attempt to stick out another two years of this – I’m just not sure how viable that is going to be.  That is where I’m at, to be candid. However I am also committed to patience; if patience is what I need, then I am totally committed to this. I’m just trying to consider where someone else could be; if someone else was grappling with these issues – you know?!

So what am I saying?  I’m saying that I’m open to discussion, so please talk to me – or at least let me talk to you. Because you know that I will be the one doing most of the talking.  And talking. And talking. And talking! If you can think of something, please tell me:  Is there a wiser way of looking at these issues?! I just want to make sure that I really, really know him before I marry him. And on a not utterly unrelated note, someone I know is in dire need of a good tight hug!!! (Sighs!)

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