Stonking New Year’s prayer for myself

So I plan to share here a no-holds-barred prayer for myself that unapologetically asks God for absolutely everything maritally, every last thing – but I am still thinking through it. Perhaps this is the kind of thing that needs to be built up over time, like my ever-growing criteria for my husband.

In the meantime, here is something small that I can share, that will need to be part of the prayer:

1. Lord, this year, 2019, please help me to finally get serious about finding an appropriate husband. I thank You Lord for this blog – Lord You know how much I love this blog! However, rather than simply expressing everything, I have to prioritise actually finding the man. Because this is what has been happening: while writing this blog, I have actually been focusing on other things other than actually finding an appropriate Huggie-Wuggie. And yet the huggie-wuggie yearnings do not go away! Which means in practice that whenever someone comes along, who does not share my faith but is at least sufficiently male, handsome and compelling my feelings are all too ready and willing to be directed towards him! So I have got to find me a good holy husband towards whom to legitimately and productively direct my eager feelings…

2. Lord, please grant me patience while I am waiting! And when Mr Definitely-not-a-Christian-so-I-definitely-should-not-be-checking-out-his-arms comes along, please help me Lord to keep my eyes to myself, and to be friendly, without remotely straying towards being over-friendly, or another word that begins with “F”… And obviously because this is all “hypothetical” I definitely, definitely have not noticed any arms much less an accompanying pair of strong hands with neatly groomed nails!

And when such a man comes, please help me be able to talk to him in a natural, friendly way, without needing to do either of the following things each time I see him:
a. (physically) run away from him
b. interrogate him in detail about every last aspect of his life (somehow I suspect that I find this hypothetical man endlessly fascinating!)
c. alternate these weird behaviours, so he never knows whether I am going to run away from him or interrogate him!!!

Lord, please send this man who is to be my husband! Lord You know I don’t really have the strength to pray this prayer as I would like. All I can do is weakly ask You to look upon Your humble maidservant and have mercy upon her human frailty…

Amen! To be continued….

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