My name is Tosin and…(Random Ramblings)

(Actually most much of the time these days my name is not Tosin – but that is a different story!)

So… my name is Tosin, and I need a hug!

So today one of my male colleagues was bragging about giving the best hugs in the office. And he was saying this while kinda hugging a female colleague (not me!) Actually his words did not register at the time… If my future husband is reading this, please know that this colleague is the last person in the universe of whom you need to be jealous. A genuinely sweet guy but…you really don’t need to be jealous!  I’m just rambling actually.  This colleague is really not relevant to this post except that he unknowingly bragged about somethingthat is so important to me.

Long story short, I need a hug!  Perhaps this need should not be expressed as a post, but rather as a prayer:  “Dear Lord, please send me a hug-man soon!”  (Better known on this blog as Mr Huggie-Wuggie!)  But on a more serious note, I was asking myself just today:  Is it because I have overly fixated on my loneliness and my romantic yearnings that I am so lonely? Perhaps if I had not spent so much time thinking about it over the last seven years it would not feel so all-consuming!

But as things currently stand I would really like a hug.  And the kind of hug I would like means that it needs to come from a lover; strong, male and tender. The kind of hug where we stare slowly into one another’s eyes and…

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, your memory or your willingness to search through this site, whichever is strongest!

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