Sunday 11 Feb 2023 (Mon 12th Feb)


I make the point in the vid that I have been deliberately toning myself down to try to fit in to a new situation. However, as I was actually shooting the video, it occurred to me that perhaps my personality is not as big and as dominant as I often think. So next week if I hopefully remember, I will go ahead to dress to a more elaborate level, and film shoot the video so that I can actually observe myself in real time, rather than work off an assumption. And then I will be better able to decide just how I can proceed in terms of my dressing. In candour, I would *love* to be able to make more of an effort. It is quite humbling when people apparently assume that you just don’t know how to present yourself attractively…Oh gosh, I have also remembered: I did not want to get into a competition with anyone else, or be seen to be getting into a competition with anyone else. Sigh!

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