UPDATED: A way forward for “Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie” 02 May 2020

02 May 2020
I hope everyone is keeping well in these COVID-challenged times. I wanted to share a few further thoughts I have had about this blog and moving forward:

– Yet further big changes hopefully coming soon! I’ve had a few ideas relating to what I shared below on 28th Dec 2019, and I am excited about implementing these ideas. Time will be my ongoing challenge though, in terms of balancing all this with various other endeavours. I need to practise etc and see what I can feasibly and consistently offer before rolling out these changes. However I hope I have come up with an extremely simple solution to the question of offering posts for free, while also simultaneously charging for them – the overall solution is simple, but not so much the logistics of what that may look like, so I’m going to have to think through that, hoping to come up with something equally simple.

– I’m still struggling with thinking of an easy and rational route around my posts. You’d think that with lockdown etc I would have had plenty of time to write posts or to just sit down and think, right? Unfortunately I’ve been busier than ever! That said I really do hope to be able to take some time soon to really think in depth about it and hopefully come up with a nice simple solution that will work at least for now…

As always, thank you all for reading, and please continue to stay safe. Tosin 🙂
28th Dec 2019
I’m sorry that I have been inconsistent in writing on this blog of late. In this post I am going to try to explain just where my head is regarding this blog and how I have been struggling regarding it.

Firstly, yes, I have been trying to turn “Huggie-Wuggie” into a business. Actually, I am still very much in two minds about that because I made a very public commitment a few years ago not to make any money from my Christian ministry, and this is very much an aspect of Christian ministry, and yet it feels absolutely right. I feel at peace in my spirit regarding it. That said, I could always just change my mind and change it back to a non-money making endeavour, which would mean reworking the format of this blog yet again. Grrr!

That said, even while I do (currently) aim to make money from the blog, it is also important to me that all the posts and resources should be available for free to everyone without anyone actually needing to spend any money. But that currently depends on people showing support with Facebook likes etc. So if you like a post summary, or want to read the full thing, then please share it on Facebook!

The big headache:
The one current big headache I have regarding this blog is as follows: trying to think of a logical way to group posts together into ebooks for sale. Also trying to think of a logical route/path around this blog to make it more user-friendly, so that within a few clicks anyone can get to information that they would find useful. It would be a lot easier if I naturally thought in terms of the different places that people could be in terms of their relationship. However I don’t think this way. Rather, I tend to be inspired to write articles by reading of various events that happen in people’s relationships, and thinking of character traits or behaviours to cultivate, look for or avoid to avoid negative possibilities or encourage positive possibilities. Then after I have written the article, trying to categorise it after I have written it is so difficult!

I’m also thinking of a typical user. I imagine that many people looking for “relationship advice” will deliberately seek out advice relating to their particular relationship status: single, going out, engaged, married etc. And yet the way that I currently approach thoughts provides more of a general overview. So for instance, a single woman might be looking for advice on how best to find a man. Whereas I am writing posts titled “Are you better off married…or single?” So people might not look for this unless they know to look for it. Also I believe that this is the kind of thinking that people need to do before they even start looking for a spouse, so it is fundamental, and I just have not thought of a good way of having to deal with it…(As I am writing this I am getting some ideas…!)

I still need to apply more thought, and hopefully I will be able to come up with a nice, simple logical system. Hopefully once I have thought about this then it will be lot easier to know what I am doing!

Thank you to everyone who continues to read this blog. I pray that it will grow ever more useful as God grants me more understanding by His grace.

God bless you all, Tosin 🙂

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