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Christmas Baubles

Dear Huggie-Wuggie Reader, I would please appreciate your input in choosing the posts to write for December. A number of exciting post ideas have occurred to me. Ideally, I would love to write about all of them! However, I am currently constrained by time.  So what I would like to do is to list out a few of the possible post titles, and then readers can vote for their favourites, and then the 4 most popular titles will get written up into full posts.

Closing Date for voting for December  2014 posts:  Thursday 27 November 2014

To vote, please visit the poll page here

Possible post ideas:

1.  Anatomy of a marriage made in heaven:  what a beautiful marriage would look like (from my perspective)

2.  Rejecting you versus protecting you.  You might think that I am rejecting you.  However, in walking away from you I might actually be protecting you from the less appealing side of myself…

3.  Let’s save sex for marriage!  We are Christians.  This should go without saying.  But let’s go ahead and say it anyway!

4.  How women make themselves cheap:  by letting men buy their futures with a few cheap meals and other dates, instead of insisting on excellent character.

5.  Yet further thoughts about “Playing hard to get” – I think that playing hard to get is a cheap substitute for evaluating someone for two years…

6.  A spouse as a business investment: how having a devoted spouse where you both are hopelessly in love with one another is extremely useful for ambitious people!

7.  How to be truly beautiful: from the inside out

8.  My name is Tosin, and I am an introvert!  Calling all fellow introverts!  Trying to explain how this nature affects the way we interact with people, and how that affects our approach to relationships (written from my own perspective, naturally!)

How to vote:  please visit the poll page here

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