Enough about me!

Enough about me!
Psalm 34v8: Taste and see that the LORD is good!

Well recently I was chatting to my sisters and for some reason, which I now forget, we started talking about a certain UK celebrity, who has launched a magazine, that is all about her.  And I was laughing and thinking – “Who would want to read that?!”  But even as I was laughing, it was occurring to me, as it has previously occurred so many times before, that this is essentially what I do on my Huggie-Wuggie blog.  Apologies for that! It did start off as being a blog to offer general advice and thoughts that I have thought about concerning marriage, but somehow it stopped being general and became all about my own specifications.

There are many reasons for that  – I guess I think SO MUCH about marriage not just in general terms but also specifically about myself. The truth is that I think a lot about my own life, full stop, and I guess I am just so aware that marriage is going to influence that so strongly. I don’t want to just go through the motions or milestones in life, and I don’t want marriage to be just another thing that I tick off a big list…

However, I guess that is all very well, but I guess people may have better things to do than to sit around reading about my dreams etc.  So I am going to try to offer more general thoughts that extend beyond me…  In a way, I don’t think I can help writing about myself, as I tend to think of marital issues in terms of general expectations, then automatically add my own perspective.  However, I think that I will keep all my personal thoughts in a specific category, then no-one else has to sit around reading about me all the time – unless they really care!

I guess that this will mean that I have to make an extra special effort to make my blog posts generally applicable, rather than just about yours truly.  I guess I’ve got to make it very clear, somewhere, that this advice is most suitable for people (and specifically women) like me, who are determined to be successful in marriage, but who also plan to excel in other issues in life; who do not believe that they necessarily have to accept the first man who approaches them, but who rather understand intuitively that their choice of marriage partner can make or break their dreams, not only for marriage but also for every other aspect of their life.

You know what?  I’m sure I’ve written a similar blog post to this a few months ago, proclaiming that I was not going to talk endlessly about myself – let’s hope I am a little bit more successful this time!  😉

Bible Verses:
Psalm 101v1
I will sing of mercy and justice;
To You, O Lord, I will sing praises.

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