Horror Stories for Halloween 4: More Kings and Queens

Fiery heart

Here are a few more articles about potential horror stories in relationships.

From Trophy wives to toxic wives:
This article talks about something which I found so hard to imagine: that many rich husbands have found themselves duped into marrying “toxic” wives, who have only married them for their money and who refuse to expend any effort whatsoever towards the family or marriage.  Apparently many rich men are now deliberately looking out for wives who are as high-flying in careers as they themselves are, and who will pull their own weight financially within the marriage!

From trophy wife to toxic wife (Telegraph) (The writer of this article is apparently female, but she seems to have a real grudge against “toxic wives” as she wrote a few articles all on this topic all around the same time!)

This is an article describing a similar thing that I read within the Guardian. The only difference is that this couple seem not to be extravagantly wealthy, but rather comfortably middle-class:

A letter to my wife who won’t get a job… (Guardian)

This is also concerning finances but from a different perspective, when husbands economically abuse and control their wives (Telegraph, paywall):
Economic abuse

And finally, this “horror story” is about a husband and wife who seem to have different ambitions; unlike the other horror stories this one seems to be a bit milder because it is not about outright poor character, but seems to describe a couple who are both fundamentally decent, but just not “on the same page” in some ways.
“I abhor my wife’s work ethic….” (Guardian)

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