What if my husband won’t listen to my ideas?!

What if my husband won't listen to my ideas?
What if my husband won’t listen to my ideas?


In this post, I would like to present to you something which has been my ongoing, quiet nightmare for a while. It is simply this: I write this blog, which is an expression of all the thoughts I think about regarding marriage etc….
What however, happens if my husband does not want to listen to these thoughts, or co-operate with my ideas? I’ve tried to cover every eventuality I can think of, and I’ve come up with ideas which I think to be valid and useful. However, here are a few scenarios that I have thought of:

1. My husband patiently listens to my ideas at first, but eventually gets fed up or resentful about the fact that I apparently have an idea for everything, and refuses to co-operate in “positive feedback sessions” etc. The words “stubborn” and “male” and “pride” spring to mind! (Far be it from me to blow my own trumpet, but I like to think that at least in my own case, there might also be something equally potent about the words “stubborn” and “female” and “pride”!)

2. He refuses to listen from the outset – perhaps this is less plausible as I’ll obviously be evaluating guys based partly on their willingness to listen to me!

In practice, I guess there is only one thing I can do in these scenarios, and that is to pray, hard!

However, I’m also thinking that the likelihood is that in practice I will essentially toss out most of these ideas anyway. Not because they are bad, but rather because each actual situation might need something more specific or precise than I have dealt with in my posts. Also, pragmatically speaking, I bet that after writing all these hundreds of blog posts, I will just find a default 5 ideas to work with on an ongoing basis, and essentially ignore all the other ideas – perhaps this is being a little too honest!

And then the cutest idea occurred to me: it may well be that I’ve had all these thoughts, and I’m excited about them because I think that they are inspired by God. However, it may happen that my husband himself has far better or stronger ideas, and is steeped in a breathtaking wisdom which I simply cannot comprehend, AND he can instantly see the flaws in my various arguments or ideas. In that case, he might have to be the one being gentle and patient with me, as he explains to me his own far superior ideas.

In that case, even though I have spent so many hours thinking of all these ideas, and writing them out, I would gladly discard this entire blog, for the far, far greater gift of having someone so wise, so gracious and so gentle, who moreover, wants to be with me and who for some reason, would want to serve me tenderly with his wisdom and maturity. What a joy it would be to be with someone like that, someone whose shining outstanding excellence I can sincerely look up to.

I almost pray that this would happen: Lord, please give me a man who is that wise, that he makes all my most profound revelations seem even to me like confused ramblings. And Lord, I hope it is not too much to ask that someone might be that wise and also extremely huggy! Or huggie – whatever!  Then hugs will not only be about being hugged by the man’s physical strength, but will also be about being embraced by wisdom and tenderness and gentleness and grace and unconditional love!  Sigh!  It will be a bit, a tiny bit, like being hugged by God Himself!  All of a sudden, I find myself keenly wanting to get married!  😉

Bible Verses:
Proverbs 9v10:
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the holy One brings understanding.
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