Would it be OK…?

Would it be OK? - Great Smile
Would it be OK? – Great Smile

After the seriousness of the last few blog posts, this one is quite light-hearted.  However, I think that this is one that I would secretly love all my male friends to read….  It was inspired by seeing a handsome face on Facebook! It is also quite personal to me…

So I was just reading through status updates as I do on Facebook, and I was practically stopped in my tracks by a cheerfully smiling young male face in a photo album posted by a facebook friend.  I initially thought the face belonged to her husband, and I thought “Ooh, lucky girl!”… but then on further inspection, I realised that no, it wasn’t her husband….

Now the reason for elaborately going so far as to write a blog post is because I would normally have no problem whatsoever with complimenting handsome faces.  I would normally just have made a comment on the photo saying “Yo’ bro is cute!” And that would have been the end of it.
This following is the part I’d love my male friends to read! –  I tell male friends or people all the time that they are looking handsome or I like their tie, or I like their shirt. I have often told women on Facebook that their husbands are handsome.  As a single woman I even pay these compliments to single men, without “batting an eyelid”. SO, if you are male and I say I like your shirt or tie, or that you are looking great, please do not start feeling awkward or reading meanings into it.  However, there are times when these compliments get withheld.  If I feel that someone “likes” me, then I tend to be more careful, as I don’t want to give them reason for false hope.

However, the reason I hesitated about commenting on this particular picture is because, oh my goodness, he was too cute! It was like that smile actually touched me and it would have been as if I was revealing a little too much of myself or making myself vulnerable to comment on it, and I would not even have been able to fake any flippancy…do you know what I mean?!  I’m sure you must all know what I mean!  So now, does this just indicate to me that I need to get married – and be quick about it?!

To summarise, I think that this demonstrates once again that smiling is to me just about the most attractive thing that anyone can do, period – ok, short of throwing your head back and laughing out loud! And, although I am the least broody woman on earth, I guess it did not hurt that he was carrying a super-cute baby in his arms who looked content and secure… I admit it, OK?!  I looked, OK?! No wedding ring! (Although I am assuming nothing!) However, another reason to feel slightly awkward about it is because he looked way too young to even be noticed by someone of my age and supposed maturity…

(Now all that would be needed to make my mortification complete would be for her to guess that I am talking about her/her brother…!)

Bible Verses:
Proverbs 15v13 (NIV):
A happy heart makes the face cheerful…

Photo of Smiling Car by Dantetg on Pixabay
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