A little bit of humility…


I’d like to apologise to anyone who has been reading this blog as I have not exactly been the epitome of humility recently on this blog.  To be honest, humility is never my strong point at the best of times but this has not been the best of times. I don’t want to make excuses, but sincerely, I’m sorry. I really want and need to work on this; please all bear with me; I’m hoping to take some serious time to spend with God and to present my heart before Him and by God’s grace I hope to get back to a place of strength and deep deep deep humility.  Ironically this is what I am always criticising other people about, about their non-existent prayer lives, and the big deficiencies in character that result.  Well I guess this shows that I am not immune to this; my own character is hugely dependent on my own interaction with God and the intimacy I cultivate with Him!  

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