And also…those songs!

If music be the food of love....
If music be the food of love….

You know, after shutting off for the day, I’ve had to turn my computer back on just to make this post!

So yes, once again this is directed as usual to that same certain male someone!

It suddenly occurred to me just now, just a few minutes ago (it took my pc a few minutes to warm up!) – what occurred to me was that I have not acknowledged those songs!  You posted a couple of songs, each referring to a heart,  and I listened to them both, and I really liked them both!  No, I really liked them! That was a while ago, and it was literally just now that it occurred to me that I have never referred to those songs at all.

This is kinda bold of me, and as always I am so wary of being presumptuous.  However, it was because of me that you posted those songs, wasn’t it?  That did actually occur to me back then, but it just did not occur to me to acknowledge them until now –  I am so sorry about that!

As well as being wary of being presumptuous, I am also wary of being overly gushing. And yet I’ve got to say:  I know you love music so much, and I do genuinely love your taste in music.  Sincerely.  I know that that will partly be because of …all this. And yet even if all this was not the case, it would still be true that there seems to be so much fun, humour and musical pizzazz and sheer breathtaking skill in the songs that you post.

You know what, as embarrassing as it would be to find out that I am wrong about all this,  I would rather ask you and get the embarrassment over and done with. It would of course have to be face-to-face. The idea of trying to broach this kind of topic just out of the blue like that by any other means – man, it’s just unthinkable! Or you know what, to save me having to ask you, you could always just tell me!  You could always send me a message – but be warned, I’ll probably be too shy to read it! And yes, that is despite the fact that I myself am immensely capable of sending very long messages – and writing publicly about very personal issues! 😉
Image of musical notation by Geralt on Pixabay
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