The Princess and the Prayer!

Bracelet with crown motif

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This post is really just about trying to find yet another creative way to thank the person who might have been praying for me!

As a child I absolutely loved Fairy Tales. I read Fairy Tales from lots of different countries, and I loved reading about the opulence and the splendour of the various princesses and their palaces.  In fact, while not strictly “Fairy Tales” the very very first book I ever withdrew from a library at the age of approx. 7 years was a full adult large print version of “The Arabian Nights” which I read in the course of a single night, essentially in a single sitting. I read Fairy Tales endlessly, right up to the last years of Primary School.  And to this day I still love Disney animated Fairy Tale features! 

For anyone else who might love these stories, do you remember the story of the Princess and the Pea?  Here is a basic summary of the story:  it is a very simple story, not quite extensive enough to be turned into any kind of feature length movie:  a prince needs to find a real princess to marry.  So between him and his mother they devise a cunning test.  They place a single pea under a pile of no fewer than a hundred mattresses.  The idea is that only a real princess would be sensitive enough to feel the pea under that huge pile of mattresses. As I write this out now, it seems to be so snobbish, that someone who is a princess is fundamentally, inherently superior to other women. At any rate, lots of elegant well dressed ladies come to try out the test.  Despite their expensive clothes and their airs and graces, not one of them manages to discern that pea under that huge pile of mattresses. And then one day there is a huge storm.  A bedraggled woman knocks at the door of the castle, claiming to be a princess.  Because, you know, princesses just wander around in the middle of the night, in other people’s kingdoms, without any bodyguards, or carriages or servants…  Naturally, no-one believes her story, but in the interests of justice, they decide to give her her own chance on this huge pile of mattresses. In the morning, to everyone’s amazement, she had had a dreadful night’s sleep…because of this single pea. So after a few more tests which I cannot presently remember she is eventually unveiled as a king’s daughter, and she and the Prince get married and live happily ever after.

I fear that if I had been one of the false princesses in the story, I would not have been able to feel a pea under even a single mattress, let alone a hundred. Moreover, I hope I would have had the sense to keep away from any kind of joker who would devise that kind of ridiculous test, even if I was a princess:  please, keep your money: I would rather have a happy hardworking life with a handsome, honest “commoner”, thank you very much!

And yet this story is a great analogy for this prayer thing where I feel like I discern someone’s prayers for me, as implausible at it may sound. I honestly do think that I can feel someone else’s prayers for me.  I also feel as if I can work out who it is who is praying! 

I appreciate that this might sound as implausible to other people as the “princess and the pea” story might sound. However, I can only say that it would be a miracle. And then it might also be relevant that I can only seem to deduce prayer from this one person, even though I have felt prayers from other people before. It would be so embarrassing if eventually it is revealed that there is no prayer…that there never has been any prayer. And yet I am absolutely sure that there was indeed prayer at least that one first time. Furthermore, since then, after I revealed that I was able to “feel” that first prayer, after I gave my reasons describing how I felt that prayer, I believe that this person was amazed that I had managed to feel it, but all the same continued to pray for me, but in a hidden way, hiding under the cover of things that I already pray about for myself or talk about on my blog. And yet I have still felt that additional prayer!  By evaluating the rate at which all these positive things have touched my life, or the understanding that just seems to have been poured forth into my mind over these last few months, I can conclude that despite the more subtle, hidden approach, (that same?) someone is still praying for me.

I definitely aspire to be a princess spiritually.  Actually, I kinda do already consider myself a princess! (Surprise?!) However, I am as amazed as anyone else at all of this. Sincerely, to me the real miracle has not been in guessing who it was who may have been praying (that was actually so easy!) Rather it has been in “feeling” the prayers in the first place. So once again I would like to thank you, Mr Mysterious Prayer-Supporter!  Once again, I so hope that I am right, about being prayed for, about the identity of the pray-er. What I would love to do would be to maintain an ongoing list of all the things in which I have considered myself prayed for. It might be quite humorous to discover that I attribute way too many things to the pray-er. I guess it is because it feels so lovely to think that someone might be praying for me, that I might unintentionally exaggerate this interest by giving this person credit for more than they may actually have done.

It would actually be quite embarrassing to spell out the list of issues, because some of these things are things that I feel that I should have known already. Anyway, here is a basic summary for now, while I think about how best to diplomatically do this:

Thank you so much for your prayers:
 Most recently, I have felt such a feeling of warmth and joy around me. While I was not writing these posts, once again I felt  immense joy and peace, as if someone had tenderly been offering prayers for my general wellbeing and positivity, and it occurred to me that because of my blogging silence, someone might might have been worried about me!  I have also felt God do an amazing work in my heart regarding humility.  This is an issue that I have spoken about and that I plan to really deal with in prayer myself.  However, before I’ve had a chance to pray, the matter is already being dealt with.

I will have to continue this blog post later. However there have been so many things.  Even seemingly mundane things like my diet, self control, neatness, my general approach to life, general orderliness, feeling in control.  I am so grateful to you, Mr Prayer Warrior. And if the fact that I can feel these prayers shows that I am a princess, perhaps the fact that you would pray prayers which could be felt shows that you are a prince!

Bible Verses:
Psalm 45v13:
The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace;
Her clothing is woven with gold.

Photo of bracelet with crown motif by Simgahye on Pixabay
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