Happy 7th Birthday to Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie!

Yep, it’s been seven good years of writing this blog! And here I am as single as ever!  I’m trying to cast my mind back to those early days, and I can barely remember anything except how eager and opinionated I was, and driven by a few impassioned convictions that I thought that the world needed to know…

So what will the next seven years bring?!  Will I still be actively writing this blog?  Will it have pivoted, majorly, from relationships and marriage to something else?  Will I still be single (gulp!)  I guess we’ll have to see about all these things.  One thing I can definitely say for sure is this though: I feel incredibly grateful for the chance to sit down and think through all these things. I am so grateful that I did not just fall into a relationship, even if it ultimately turned out to be an incredibly happy one. 

That said, if I had found myself in a relationship, I hope it is fair to say that I would not have sat around moping even if things ultimately turned out to be very different from what I had been expecting. I hope it is fair to say that I would have rolled my sleeves up, metaphorically and literally, and invested my utmost to derive beauty joy and meaning from whichever situation I happened to find myself living.

As it is, my life knows its own share of frustrations and difficulties of course, like anyone else’s.  On balance though, I’m grateful.  And I am also grateful to those people who have been reading this blog, and have shared all or some of the last seven years with me.  Thank you so much for reading, and please keep reading!

Tosin  🙂

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