Look younger than I am…

 OK – erm – how to start this?! Can I ask you all a question: how old exactly do I look?! Because apparently I look a lot younger than I am. Seriously! Apparently last year’s teenage admirer was not a fluke. Seriously! How old am I? Well, to get some idea, this picture below was taken just over 25 years ago, and I am clearly not a new-born child in this pic!

At least I can take some consolation that I did not act crazily in these recent instances, nor indeed a year ago. The same was sadly not true in a particular situation also involving a (much) younger guy. Not a teenager though, so at least that’s a good thing! To make matters worse my Pastor was there. You know when you are already desperately trying to forget something as it is? Well my Pastor recently found it necessary to remind me, going into all the gory details. I admire my Pastor so deeply, but man, this must be a male thing. Seriously, I’m already drowning in mortification enough as it is!

Pastor: “And you acted so crazily Tosin!”
(Me) “Yes, I have to concede that that is true!”
Pastor: “And he’s *so much* younger than you Tosin!”
(Me) “Yes, yes, I was aware of that!” (As it happens, I was aware of that even as I was acting crazily!)

So yeah if you are reading this and you’re the “he” in the story I am so sorry! It would have been good to apologise to you directly but I’ve just been too embarrassed. Sincerely I am so sorry! For the all the stupid things I said that day, and for the crazy way I acted. And just a side note for anyone else who is planning to act crazy – please at least make sure that your Pastor is not there!

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