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Well it’s been a little while since I wrote an article here on Huggie-Wuggie.  This weekend I’ve been extremely keen to write an article.  However today is not going to be that day – ha ha!  It is now so late and I am tired and work starts early tomorrow so sleep wins for now!  That said I strongly want to reiterate my my ongoing commitment to this blog and to this issue. My mind has been swirling around with various thoughts and thinkings; much of this has been quite characteristic; stumbling around in confusion trying to squeeze out little drops of understanding. Even though I am not really in a place of clarity or revelation about these issues I would still like to share them, in case anyone else can identify with these thoughts. While Huggie-Wuggie will always occupy a certain amount of my mind-space, an issue with all this is that my mind has been busy or preoccupied with other things so I’ve not really had time to sit and ponder or meditate on relationship issues to come to full clarity about them. Usually that time would find itself but – shrug!  Not this time!  (Which leads me to ask myself – well, what have I been thinking about?  Apparently…nothing!  At least nothing that I can think of right now!)

One big idea that I’m just starting to think of now is this:  different (legitimate) paths or routes to a relationship depending on how you instinctively connect with someone.  I must admit that I’m quite prescriptive on this blog; I like to prescribe formulas – do this, then that, add that etc.  That is because I like to think that there must be consistent and reliable ways of  having better relationships. It’s quite a big concession for me to concede that there are different legitimate routes towards having wholesome and beautiful marriages.  That said, I have not fully thought through the ideas.  Perhaps I will change my mind once I’ve had a chance to do this!

Other thoughts that I’ve been thinking/ potential blog posts:
-Things that people really need to know before they get married
-Let’s talk – again! – about unconditional love – in that I simply don’t get it!  OR how do you offer unconditional love, without letting yourself get used (man, I am so confused!)?
–  Yet further essential criteria for my husband PLUS a few thoughts about myself as a wife; trying to overcome the embarrassment of writing a post about who I plan to be as a wife!

Plus a few other things , which I would be very excited to share with you all – when I can finally remember what they are!!! 🙂  Until then, goodbye and goodnight! 

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