October posts to write – ideas that have occurred to me in October/ish

1. Married to myself:  Woman in china, recent woman, etc

2.  Welcome to the friendzone!

3.  Relationship ambivalence – can’t remember the point of this!!!! 😉

4.  Difference between personality and character

5.  Friendship needs a shared context/platform

6.  rejection versus deselection

7.  Let’s save sex for marriage!

8.  How women make themselves cheap

9.  yet further thoughts about playing hard to get:  a cheap alternative to 2 year thing

10.  A spouse as a business investment

11.  How to be truly beautiful

12.  My name is Tosin and I am an introvert!

13. Commitment undergirds Passion – always:  passion is good, but commitment comes first: 
Your beautiful body belongs to your future wife, not to the sordid capabilities of my imagination; different relationships fail because they put passion first

What is it in you that I am committing to? I need to see it first, before I know whether I truly can commit to it.  Perhaps that is what makes someone “stable” versus “unstable” – committed to central characteristics within themselves

14. How to know who truly loves you

15.  Marriage is not an eat as much as you like buffet, rather it is a serve your spouse as much as they need workshop

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