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Falling in love

Wooden symbols, spelling out "I love you"

Deconstructing “I Love You”

**********RELATIONSHIP RELEVANCE********** This post is relevant for anyone who is at the point of exchanging declarations of love with someone else… ******************************************* …

The disadvantage of youth - heart drawn in the sand

The disadvantage of youth?

After all the thoughts that have occurred to me on the subject of love, relationships and marriage, I was recently reflecting on …

Please don't do this! Bright smile

Please don’t do this! ;)

This is a letter not to my future husband, but rather to my holy, excellent single Christian brothers. Dear Brother, if you …

Feelings versus Friendship Swans

Feelings versus Friendship

OK, as you may know, I can be very good at writing very, very long articles!  So I will summarise the point …