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It has been so long since I last posted that I was honestly scared to look at the date of my last post… Mid January this year!  That’s like 2 and a half months ago! I really want to reiterate that I have not lost interest, either in this blog or this subject.  At the moment though – life!!! I wish by that I meant I have a very active and exciting life – (actually on reflection I do!) – but what I did mean is that life has just been busy, and – yeah!  Well hopefully I am back now – I know I’ve said that before!

Well in this post I am going to share an external post, that I have recently also shared on my Facebook profile. This is quite possibly the single most powerful blog post on relationships I have ever read in my entire life. I think what makes it powerful is because it condenses lots of advice from over a thousand people who are actually in relationships.  There is nothing theoretical here!  I love the way it contrasts at least once, the opinion of people who have been in relationships for eg 30 yrs, or 40 yrs, versus the opinion of people who have been in relationships for 10 years.

So here it is:

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

Please note, this link is not to a Christian blog, and this particular post is not written from a Christian perspective. How I wish that I could link to a post written from a Christian perspective as  “the single most powerful relationship post I have ever read”.  Perhaps that day will come.  A point to be made here is that we Christians do not always seem to have any kind of discernible advantage when it comes to relationships – romantic or otherwise.  We should do, of course, in that any couple who reads and takes the words of the New Testament seriously and actually does them should have a marriage filled with grace, forgiveness, holiness and the Spirit of God.  And an over-abundance of agape love, of course!   However, something that has occurred to me countless times is this:  everyone knows what “should” happen in a Christian relationship.  However, invariably, the fun and games occur in that magic space between what “should” happen and what actually does happen! 

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