To blog or not to blog?!

Well I had hoped and confidently expected that I would be able to write a post over this bank holiday weekend.  You know what, it is not even about the content of the post, about how deep or radically true it might be.  Rather it is more about making regular contact to anyone who might be reading this blog regularly – to show that I am still thinking deeply about these issues, I’ve not forgotten about any of these things, this is still a big preoccupation for me!

Also, I am very much thinking about any individuals who might be reading this blog… (perhaps one in particular…?!)

However, a post is not going to be possible just now, sadly, because of the demands on my time.  But please know that I am thinking of these issues as much as ever, and I hope to be able to sit here and type out a post not too long from now!  🙂

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