Whatever you want in marriage – postscript

Whatever you want in marriage postscript

Well I was thinking about my last post which greatly focused on marriage and sex, and I thought it would be wise to add this following postscript:  while it may be acceptable to look forward to meeting certain needs or desires within marriage, when you commit to getting married, you commit to putting the needs of the other person first, always.  So it may well be that you were greatly looking forward to sex, for instance, but your partner for whatever reason is unwilling or incapable of satisfying your needs or desires. The marriage covenant means that you have to respect that, and put their wishes first. I don’t want to seem irresponsible by suggesting that you get married solely for the sake of gratifying your own desires.  This is the mystery and the tension of marriage – it is a balance, but a strange balance that requires you to be 100% committed to your spouse’s well being, even to the detriment of your own, while you pray that they are equally committed to you!  Actually my posts on this issue, the tension between legitimate self-concern and unconditional love in marriage were for a long time the most popular blog posts on this blog, but then they were surpassed by my views on internet dating – in which I’m sure I disappointed a number of hopeful young men out there – apologies about that – ha ha!

Bible Verses:
Philippians 2v4:
Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

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