Apologies for confusing posts!

I’d like to apologise to anyone who finds my posts confusing!

There are two big reasons why this might be (that currently occur to me):
1.  Use of language
2.  Confusing ideas

So I recently found myself reading someone’s writing, and oh my goodness, I could not understand what they were saying. I thought to myself:  is this how people feel when reading my own posts – is there often stuff that they cannot understand or are my sentences just too convoluted?! Apologies if that is the case for anyone!  I always hate the idea of using language as a tool to exclude people or exert power over people, or to make people feel small or inadequate.  Moving forward, I am going to endeavour to use the language on this blog in a way that is as straightforward and widely accessible as possible.

This is possibly the bigger issue on this blog – at least from my own perspective.  I often find it confusing even to write out these posts because I’m kinda working/thinking everything out as I go along. And so these posts often represent the raw, unprocessed thoughts – as if I’m literally thinking out loud. It is also a bit like when a mathematician is trying to work out an idea, so she might  just be scribbling madly all over her notebooks. So it might be very hard for anyone else to follow the thinking. However when she finally fully grasps the idea, then she can be in a position to present the idea neatly in a way that other people can use!  😉

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